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[the news thats fit to print...and then some]

1/25/05 12:34 pm - awhimsicaldecaf - Torch meeting TONIGHT at 6:30

Attention all Torch staff:
TheTorch writer's meeting will be held TONIGHT at 6:30 in the Torch lobby instead of last night.
The campus center is in fact open, so getting in should not be a problem. See you all there. :O)

12/8/04 08:22 am - embetsmeister - Interviews blah blah blah

I'd love to have someone interview the guy, Hoyt, over at Xtremely Board...he seems pretty cool and I'm certain he has some entertaining stories and words of wisdom for us college folk.

Also some food reviews would rock too...like for Lebanese Pita Pocket...or other restaurants that are little known but rock out...if you guys have a personal favorite...

What it comes down to is that I want to put our advertisers into a spotlight, not so much because they are advertising with us, but because they'd make for some great community stories. Nelson from Domino's mentioned that maybe we could have a ride-along, someone who sits in on the deliveries one night and writes about that...delivery people have great stories...

Whaddayasay, guys and gals? Any takers?

I think these would fall under either news or A&E...I dunno...

Rock on...I'm delirious. :D

11/28/04 04:55 am - mte - SNESL

I know I told Laura about this like 4 weeks ago... but Amherst is scooping us:


If we write about it (which I strongly suggest we do), contact our Student Trustee, Matt Moseley, at UMDTrustee@hotmail.com. Heck, it could also make for good opinion piece about how our state is saturated with private law schools and we are trying to make one public.

11/15/04 03:51 pm - embetsmeister - Pizza Pizza (oh wait, that's little ceasers)

Hey guys...in order to get an idea of what people really want for these writers meetings in terms of pizza, I'd like to know what everyone's top 3 types of pizzas are from Dominos.
Also, how many people like buffalo kickers and cinnastix. Coke? Diet? Sprite?

Anything else special?

Thanks! -Elizabeth

10/11/04 04:54 pm - tony_wan_kenobi - NEW GOONS WANTED!

If you were at the meeting tonight, ignore this if not, here's the deal. Wednesday night at 5 in the underground I will be having an A&E section meeting. There are 4 stories that i still want picked up, all pertaining to art galleries on campus. I am sick of stressing how important it is that we cover these art exhibits, so hopefully if we get a goo dturn out and people pick up the stories I won't have to anymore. For those of you who have been contributing consistantly, you guys are amazing, and i think that we have a very solid section, its just missing this one element. I feel that if we can get a few people to take on the "Art Beat" shall we say, and consistantly stick with it then we can make teh section even better. so please, go to the underground at 5 on wednesday and become a part of the A&E Goon Squad. spread the word.

9/28/04 02:41 pm - angelinthewall - thank you scott for this newsworthy tidbit

hottest new abstract artist

This is by far the coolest news I've heard all day...albeit a little depressing...still this is definately worth a read.

9/27/04 10:05 am - reginadegladii - allo

hello torch-people...i'm brianna...i'm halfway nosing around to see if i might want to write random editorials and whatnot for the torch...let me know what it's all about, eh?


9/19/04 10:43 pm - roflwolf

Hey everyone! Sorry i missed last weeks meeting, but from what i hear you probably didn't miss me what with all the people that showed up. But i want to make sure i know what time the meeting is, last week i was just stupid and forgot to go. But i wasn't sure what the correct time was in the first place. So if someone could just lend an ear.

Oh, and Jen.. Thanks for replyin to indigopoet's post. :D She a good friend of mine. i think it's funny how small the world can be at times... even if you two are just in one of the same classes..

9/19/04 01:56 pm - mte - Note

Just wanted to note that issue 2 is online now. Spread the word.


9/14/04 12:46 pm - pyseas - HOLY COW!!!

Hey guys,
AMAZING writers meeting last night, Guys. In all the meetings I have every been to, that had by far the largest turn-out I have seen in a long while.

A congrats extended to Katie B and Amanda W for inviting two of their friends, Brian (our music reviewer) for bringing his girlfriend, Emily, and our own EIC, Jen, for hiring a new AD Designer, not to mention the numerous newbies who wanted to contribute their art, photography, and writing skills.

I believe each of Tony's stories were taken, and there were people who actually left empty handed. (Let's try to not let THAT happen again!!!)

Good Job guys, let's keep up the good work!

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