Michael R. Giusti (mte) wrote in umdtorch,
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Mike, PLEASE take the ad rates OFF the site. I know I asked you like weeks ago...

Thank you very very much
Ahh, Betsy, I can't -- the guys in CITS webdev were on vacation till Monday. That's what sucks about the system. But generally speaking I'm really hesitant to take that information down if nothing will go in its place. When could I expect the updated info in that case?
What goes in its place is

Please contact us for further information
call: 508-999-8158
email: torchads@umassd.edu
write: Torch c/o campus center, 285 Old Westport Rd, North Dartmouth, MA 02747

Thanks, Mike. Please make sure this goes into effect as soon as you update the site.
I thought that newbury comics ad totally rocked!

the ads are looking good in general (layout and variety of ads).
Thanks! We had some trouble with it, and there'll be another one this issue, slightly different but still same concept.

I'm pretty lucky because a lot of the ads are coming to me, over intersession I'm going to do some more ad-ing.

The whole paper looks great. Our designers and writers are doing a FABULOUS job. The website is looking good too.