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[the news thats fit to print...and then some]

9/7/04 09:04 pm - embetsmeister - Possible Article?

hey Guys - As many of you have probably seen, this was posted in the UMass Dartmouth Community: Vector Sales Scam

It might be an interesting article to pick up, if there's validity in it (which, I'm sure, there is. I know some people who've sold those Cutco knives -although I am quite fond of my trimmer knife, I'll tell you that - and that's pretty much how Vector operates.

It would be rather humorous, although perhaps not business-like, if we ran the article at the same time (perhaps same page) as the ad that vector is trying to get us to place for free (yeah like that's going to happen)

9/6/04 02:06 pm - pyseas - TORCH MEETING

Hey guys. Hope you all moved in ok, and for everyone who's already here...you better have your stories in :)
Tonight's meeting is at 5PM, and we're meeting at the Torch office. We'll move if need be, but we're not sure the Unity House is open tonight becuase of the holiday.

tonight after 6, you wont be allowed up or down Dell road, driving or on foot. They are shooting off fire-works on the Dell field and the road is closed, so we're going to try and wrap up the meeting as quick as possible, so come with story ideas, blahdi blah...and we'll try to get out ASAP.

I think thats about it. Just remember to brag about how great the Torch is so that your friends and roomates will want to come write for us :)

See you all at 5


9/4/04 04:57 pm - embetsmeister - Goals and progress

OK so here are my goals as advertising manager - any ideas or feedback?

1 - We need $13,000 in advertising to pay for the paper. That is my minimum goal. However, my ***IDEAL*** Goal is to raise $40,000 this year. My "On par" goal (realistic) is to raise about $24,000 throughout the year.

2 - I'd like to have a system set up so that anyone can just go in and work on ads - calls/designs/data-entry - without stepping on any toes; that is, I don't want confusion as to who has called whom (grammar?) and what's going on with joe blog's ad, etc etc. I've started setting up some databases and papers to keep track of which client has been called when, by whom and what sort of things were discussed.

3 - I'd like to organize clients and start a client/account numbering system, eventually moving over to carbon-copy invoices.

4 - I'm sure I have some more, but I originally started this post around quarter to five, and I left and came back to it after meeting with the Domino's rep - w00t!

Anyways, I'm also looking to find someone who wants to be an Ad-designer - already we've been asked to design 2 ads and it would be nice to have someone (who's not already obligated to other parts of Torch management) to design those. I would love to design the ads, but I know I will take a long time to do it well, and my focuses should be more towards the management of Ads, ad clients, billing etc. Maybe later down the road when I've got everything set to a system...but right I'm working on getting everything up and running in the ad-portion.

So...that's about it for now...Ideas, suggestions, comments and questions requested and appreciated!!!

-Bets aka Elizabeth (Ad Mgr)

9/3/04 06:19 pm - angelinthewall - a gripe about umasspass....

I just wanted to announce that the UMass Pass office could stand to work on their procedures. They are giving some students new ID's for free and charging others. I tried to inform them of this and they snipped at me that, "new ID's are $22 period." They aught to let the rest of their staff know that...

anyhow, hey look we have a community. this pleases me.

9/3/04 12:36 pm - roflwolf

hey everyone! :D

9/3/04 12:04 pm - pyseas - WELCOME!!!

Seeing as how the Torch has taken over the UMD community, we've decided to create our own so as not to bog everyone down with our gossip :-) I'm Emily, Asst Designer and Chief Illustrator and I'll be maintaining this space...so if you're a current staff member, wannabe, or a veteren, drop me a line and I'll add you to the page. I'll try to beef the design and bio later on so we can represent the coolness we are..oh yeah.

Also...WRITERS!!! Today's your deadline, and the next staff meeting is at 5pm on Monday September 6th at the Unity house (right next to the Residents Cafe). Tell your room and suite mates to come and write for us!
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