Tony (tony_wan_kenobi) wrote in umdtorch,


If you were at the meeting tonight, ignore this if not, here's the deal. Wednesday night at 5 in the underground I will be having an A&E section meeting. There are 4 stories that i still want picked up, all pertaining to art galleries on campus. I am sick of stressing how important it is that we cover these art exhibits, so hopefully if we get a goo dturn out and people pick up the stories I won't have to anymore. For those of you who have been contributing consistantly, you guys are amazing, and i think that we have a very solid section, its just missing this one element. I feel that if we can get a few people to take on the "Art Beat" shall we say, and consistantly stick with it then we can make teh section even better. so please, go to the underground at 5 on wednesday and become a part of the A&E Goon Squad. spread the word.
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